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A camera alone is not enough. In the end, it is the photographer who ensures that the moment is captured in the best possible way. So let’s get to know each other!

Meet your photographer

I am Miranda, the person behind Studio Kijk! 

In 2011 I started my education in photography. During this training I soon had my own studio to photograph families. I learned a lot from this. I also learned that I am not the right person/photographer for a studio with a white background and all posed photos. Give me a nice walk in nature for unforced family photos and I’m the happiest girl in the world!

After successfully completing the photography course, I considered myself too young to run my own business full time. I grew during the second creative education course that I followed and here I quickly found that my passion really lies with photography!


Go back in time..

I also do not hide my great love for photo books. The feeling I get when I flip through a photo book and am taken back to a moment in time is something I really want to pass on to others.

What i love

Since January 2021, I have made the step to work as a full-time wedding and family photographer! This feels to me like the best choice that came into my path at the right time. 

I now get to give so many families an everlasting memory that they can always look back on 😉 

Besides photographing weddings and families, you also make me very happy with:
all my family and friends around me – summer festivals –  watching sunsets – photo books – walks in nature – Sweden! – my bunny Bobby – camping (by myself) – a glass of Baileys without ice.

Oh and did you know that I occasionally help out in a bridal shop? Helping you with those tricky buttons and hooks is no problem for me.

Say hi

My sense of humour is very stupid and I can laugh (very hard) at my own jokes. So it will be no problem you can hear a really bad joke during a photo shoot..
I look forward to hearing your worst joke during a photo shoot or wedding!