I personally love looking at photo albums. To be able to flip through these and be brought back to that one moment I always find that a lot more romantic than swiping your iPad. Especially when you have invested in a photographer. Then it’s a waste to view the photos via a small screen.

A photo album is the showpiece everyone loves to look at. I believe an album tells the story like no other product can. A wedding album moves to every home with you and is an investment forever. That is why I offer many options and possibilities to create a unique product for you.

The process

1. what would you like

The choice is huge! On this current page, you will find all colour samples, fonts and material choices. Which colour will you go for? All prices for the corresponding options can be found here

2. kill your darlings

The hardest part... Time to make the selection you want to see in the album. You make this selection in the online gallery you received from me earlier.

3. design design and more design

Together we create the design of the photo album. I send you the first draft and, as you take a critical look at it, I adjust the points for improvement. Until you are completely satisfied!

4. Order

Are you really completely satisfied with the design? Then the order goes to the printer and within 4-6 weeks you will have your precious and completely customised wedding album in your hands!


The wedding album deserves to be properly protected. Especially for this reason, a luxury storage box can be ordered. This is available in all colours, allowing you to customise the luxury storage box!

With the ribbon, the wedding album is easily lifted out of the luxury storage box. There is also space to store the included USB. 



Arial Bold

Gill en Sans

Order here your album

Many decisions you can make when designing your beautiful centerpiece! Great that you want an everlasting memory! Fill in this order form and we will create a beautiful photo album for you.